A couple of months ago I posted a cropped cover image for this early reader book, so I thought it would be a good idea to post some of the spreads from inside of it too. There are more, but I like these ones - and It's pretty easy to get the gist of the story. With the simple palette and straightforward compositions, it's good to be able to freshen up the visual brain in between black & white heavy fiction projects! 


  1. Hiya Sam! These are lovely, mate! I really like the simple ans stylish treatment of the backgrounds :)
    Lovey characters too.

  2. Thanks again matey - that's lovely, especially coming from the king of dog doodlers ! I think I've learned a lot from you on these kind of books.

    Fun drawing a cartoon Em into my pics too : )

  3. Ha ha, I can see Emily now you say!!
    Always nice to get people in your books, eh. I don't know how many Rusty's have popped up in mine!

  4. Hi Sam, really good to see these pictures and to find that you've illustrated Splash! - it looks great!!! Just come across the cover of the book on Amazon and had no idea who was illustrating it.

  5. Thanks Damian, it's very nice to hear from you : ) I had fun doing these spreads. Do get in touch if you ever feel the need again mate.