Finished with the Fire Engine stuff for the time being. Finished with a Space Shuttle too, but pics of that will have to wait. This is when it's time to clear up the studio workspace a bit - and also when you come across things that you've never properly looked at before... like foreign editions of books!  I'm not exactly a huge name when it comes to Children's Illustration, but I have been doing it for a while and it's great when you get to see strange editions of your books being printed in far flung places.

These are a couple of Korean editions of the 'Charlie' stories that I've illustrated. Written by Hilary Mckay and published by Scholastic over here.  I love the design on these versions. 

Probably not so exciting for the same reason if you already speak and read Korean, but as I do not, the text looks amazing and the pages are a nice size too. I wonder which bit is my name on the title page? help please...

A Turkish version, and a not-so-exciting Mexican cover, but...

they did actually colour in all of my illustrations rather nicely - which I never got the chance to do myself! 

This is German edition of Violet and the Mean and Rotten Pirates. One of my first proper book jobs. 

and lastly: A french edition of Ordinary Oscar, which has since been re-named and recovered ( by me ) in the U.K.  I like the fact that they've matched all of my hand lettering with the Gründ logo too. Not hugely important, but nice all the same! 

I shall keep digging and see if I can find some more...

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