This is a first for me - for the past few weeks I have been working on a novelty book project, which has involved having to illustrate a 3D model of a N.Y.F.D Fire Engine. It's been equal parts terrifying and exciting, having never tackled anything like it before - but now I am past the first model I am really enjoying doing something new.  I've posted a few images to give a bit more detail.

OK, going backwards - this is a composite image of one side of the artwork, flattened and pieced together to give an example of the whole truck. All the doors and some panels will open, the wheels turn and the ladder will be fully moveable too. 

But, it started life as quite a few scary looking, blank pdf sheets with line guides and a some photo reference of the trucks...

I broke everything down into small sections of the vehicle and worked out which bits and pieces needing drawing, and what kind of paint and textures I'd need to start filling it all in. Some bits could be easily copied and placed around the various parts.

This is a flattened detail of the front of the truck, and a bird's eye view of detail on the ladder that will stretch out over the top of it. Hopefully that all makes some sense.

As soon as a model is made up I will take some pictures of the real thing, but in the meantime I'll be doing the same thing for a Space Shuttle : ) 


  1. Splendid, just splendid old bean! A challange defeated :)

  2. Indeed! Cheers Fred. On with the next challenge, eh : )