I've also been working on a couple of different things for HotKey books over the last few months. They have loads of great covers on their books and I'm chuffed to be doing a few for them and their excellent list!  

This one is for a Gareth P Jones book, which I do believe is out in the shops already. I'll be illustrating another one of his very soon...


These are some bits and bobs from an early reader series I've been illustrating called 'Mr Monkey' by Linda Chapman. One of the many projects I've had on the go recently!  Published by Orion at some point in the not too distant future I expect : ) 


A nice big bunch of insides from the previously mentioned Abominators book number 3 : ) 


Because I was late with the last post, I'll be early with this one - This is the cover for the 3rd instalment of the Abominators books: 'The Abominators and the Forces of Evil'. In this book, Cecil and the gang use the power of the Panty Wanty Woos to fend off a gruesome twosome of terrifying new teachers at Grimely East primary school! 

Out in the shops from July : ) 


As promised, even if it is a few weeks later than planned... ( yes, I have been busy drawing! )  A generous helping of some interior illustrations from 'Abominators In The Wild' by J.L.Smith and me. Out now and published by Little Brown books for kids



So, The Abominators: In the wild ( book 2 in the series ) should be out in a few weeks I think... sometime in early May anyway. The covers have been through a few changes along the way ( even since book 1 hit the shops ) but I'm pretty certain that this'll be how it looks when it's sitting on the bookshelves!

Cecil with the speech bubble was originally on the front part of the cover - as was the tent image below.  Thought it'd be useful to post them as I've no idea if they'll end up on the back or not! 

When it gets a bit closer  to May I'll start posting some of the inside illustrations : ) 



Zakk from zekon 5. This is a personal project I've been slowly chipping away at in the background with writer Alec Sillifant. The general pitch/idea is for a space themed adventure aimed at younger readers. These are a few of the characters involved, and a couple of atmospheric, poster style pieces to set a bit of scene.



This has finally come out in the shops : )  

Yep. I know, it looks like I've posted the same thing again - but this really is the final version of the cover for The Abominators ( And my AMAZING Panty Wanty Woos! )

It's been ages as well. But I did say you'd have to wait a bit before I could get on with showing anything else from the insides of the book! So, now the waiting has ended, here's a little selection of images. 

As of today, I have finished all 3 books!  so there'll be plenty of new drawings and bits to add to the blog over the next few months.  It really starts to come together with Book 2 so I'll be properly excited when I get to see that one in the flesh.  It's called:

Until then!