Whoop Whoop!  New Meerkat book coming soon... well, at least there will be when I have drawn lots of them again for the inside of the book. Go pencil go!

Here's the nice red cover to look at in the meantime. Spot the Lioncub bot hiding in the corner. 



Considering I've been drawing friendly Dinosaurs and Cheeky Meerkats recently, this is going to look pretty different!  It was suggested that I might like to have a crack at drawing some Monster Trucks - and if possible, borrow from a comic book look and feel. So this is what I came up with. They were rough drawings at first, but I got a bit carried away having fun! 

I would never intentionally draw in a different style - but it is fun for me to see how much the subject matter changes the overall feel of the work.


an adapted snippet of some new Meerkat stuff coming along soon...