Finished with the Fire Engine stuff for the time being. Finished with a Space Shuttle too, but pics of that will have to wait. This is when it's time to clear up the studio workspace a bit - and also when you come across things that you've never properly looked at before... like foreign editions of books!  I'm not exactly a huge name when it comes to Children's Illustration, but I have been doing it for a while and it's great when you get to see strange editions of your books being printed in far flung places.

These are a couple of Korean editions of the 'Charlie' stories that I've illustrated. Written by Hilary Mckay and published by Scholastic over here.  I love the design on these versions. 

Probably not so exciting for the same reason if you already speak and read Korean, but as I do not, the text looks amazing and the pages are a nice size too. I wonder which bit is my name on the title page? help please...

A Turkish version, and a not-so-exciting Mexican cover, but...

they did actually colour in all of my illustrations rather nicely - which I never got the chance to do myself! 

This is German edition of Violet and the Mean and Rotten Pirates. One of my first proper book jobs. 

and lastly: A french edition of Ordinary Oscar, which has since been re-named and recovered ( by me ) in the U.K.  I like the fact that they've matched all of my hand lettering with the GrĂ¼nd logo too. Not hugely important, but nice all the same! 

I shall keep digging and see if I can find some more...



Not the best pics, but this is a roughly made model of the Fire Engine. It'll be all shiny looking and properly printed of course when it's done for real.



This is a first for me - for the past few weeks I have been working on a novelty book project, which has involved having to illustrate a 3D model of a N.Y.F.D Fire Engine. It's been equal parts terrifying and exciting, having never tackled anything like it before - but now I am past the first model I am really enjoying doing something new.  I've posted a few images to give a bit more detail.

OK, going backwards - this is a composite image of one side of the artwork, flattened and pieced together to give an example of the whole truck. All the doors and some panels will open, the wheels turn and the ladder will be fully moveable too. 

But, it started life as quite a few scary looking, blank pdf sheets with line guides and a some photo reference of the trucks...

I broke everything down into small sections of the vehicle and worked out which bits and pieces needing drawing, and what kind of paint and textures I'd need to start filling it all in. Some bits could be easily copied and placed around the various parts.

This is a flattened detail of the front of the truck, and a bird's eye view of detail on the ladder that will stretch out over the top of it. Hopefully that all makes some sense.

As soon as a model is made up I will take some pictures of the real thing, but in the meantime I'll be doing the same thing for a Space Shuttle : ) 



A sketch on the back of our lunchtime crossword at the studio.  There must be loads of these lying around here, but this one gets saved as it's given me some ideas! And, it's nice to change pictures.